Tuesday, February 26, 2008

got milk?

I have always loved these ads. The got milk? campaign can't lose. Milk is a beverage for people aged one year and up. It is a healthy drink. Milk is appealing to everyone, except of course the lactose intolerant.
The ads feature well-known actors and athletes sporting the famous milk moustache. The stark white background complements the milk moustache and glass of milk. The celebrities chosen tend to lead wholesome and noncontroversial lives.
The ad above does not feature someone who is a household name. The man in this ad was the winner of NBC's The Biggest Loser. This cross marketed ad looks like an ad for a diet supplement with the before photo in the left-hand corner. The wording next to the man touts the healthful qualities of milk. The ad serves a dual purpose of promoting milk and a TV show. I examined the show's website and was not surprised to find that got milk? was a show sponsor.

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