Friday, February 15, 2008

Project 2, New Item

I struggled with what to write about for this project.

Late Monday afternoon at the pediatrician's office, I saw a brief news item in Wonder magazine for shoes specifically designed for a treadmill and an elliptical training machine. I loved the idea of these shoes. I recently joined a health club and the treadmill and elliptical are my favorite machines...O.K., I should clarify that I hate all forms of exercise and by extension all exercise machines. But, I liked the concept of a product-specific shoe, at least. There are volleyball shoes, football shoes, soccer shoes, so why not an exercise machine-specific shoe

The shoes are by asics and adidas. I checked the websites for both companies and found brief writeups about each. Hmmm... what I saw did not seem like much to go on. I checked out local sports shops for the shoes...Dick's Sporting Goods, Modell's. I wanted to see the shoe in person. No go on that front as well. The shoes were only available in downtown D.C. and Baltimore. No, not going to drive all the way to the city to check out a pair of shoes.

It may sound strange that I needed to see the shoe before writing about it, but I did not want to rely on website descriptions and other people's experiences of the shoe, especially since the information on the web was fairly brief. I wanted to write my own description of the product...experience it for myself if you will.

So, I moved from the shoe to Rockband. I love, love, love the idea of this software. We do not have it. I know my kids would love it.

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