Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Puzzle as Story

Another example of description is a puzzle I recently completed--all 1500 pieces. I have a tradition of starting a puzzle the day after Christmas. I get mildly obsessed about finishing it almost as soon as I start. My family does not share/understand my hobby.

The puzzle I completed reminds me of small town America in the 50s. I thought about the slower pace of life in a small town. No computers, wifi, cell phones, GPS in this town.

I had a hard time completing the road as the colors on the box did not match the colors on the actual puzzle pieces. Look at the reflection of the gas station sign and the blue car on the newly rained on street--you can see the water on the road from a recent rainstorm.

The author of the puzzle--I'm using the word author rather than artist as I believe he is telling a story about this town--uses various products to set the puzzle in time...Pepsi, John Deere, Budweiser, Good Year, to name just a few.

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Erika.lewis@ubalt.edu said...

You have a lot of patience. The last time I did a puzzle was 13 years ago. The reason why I can remember this puzzle is because it was my mother’s and it had a whole bunch of naked cartoon characters on a beach. Based from my memory, the message I received from finishing the puzzle was being free. The characters were happy and seemingly no care in the world, just enjoying each others company.