Thursday, February 21, 2008

Something New

During the first class Amy presented a call to action--do something different each day to change the way you think about design and life in general. Well, for me graphic design, and especially Indesign, is so new that I had no problem following through with this call. Each day I pore over my reference books and figure out a new graphic design trick. Monday--writing on a circle, Tuesday--creating a pie chart... But, this change seemed small in the grand scheme of things. I started looking beyond my computer/dining room and realized that for the last couple of years my reading materials have primarily consisted of children's books, parenting magazines, and books chosen by members of the book club I belong to. Clearly my reading habits need to change. I won't stop reading to my children, so the children's books can stay. The book club books are a fun distraction. Which leaves...the parenting magazines. I have always looked at parenting magazines as kind of a "read it in one sitting/tear out coupons/clip information about activities/recycle" kind of publication. This throwaway type of publication is a far cry from the magazines recommended in Project 1. I found many interesting articles on new and familiar subjects, not to mention thought-provoking ads. One thing is for certain...I won't be recycling any of these magazines any time soon.

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