Monday, April 21, 2008

The End of The Far Side

I chose the 2002 The Far Side Last Impressions calendar as my Show and Tell item for a product with a story to tell. I miss the humor of Gary Larson. I purchased The Far Side calendars for over 10 years. I would often hold off on reading the daily pages until I had a stack and then I would read them all at once. Some were hysterical, some not, and some just bizarre.

The story is in the form of a letter from Gary Larson to his fans at the end of The Far Side calendar series. The first paragraph reads:

To whom it may concern:

Someone once said you should always leave a party ten minutes early. Of course, that leaves you with the predicament of no matter when you leave, it's ten minutes too late. Before long, you're sucked into a black hole that makes you want to just stay home and feed chicken giblets to the piranha. (Or is that just me?) Well, what I'm trying to say here, in my usual confusing manner, is that it's time for me to take my calendar and go home....


Gabe said...

I love the Far Side! I'm a huge fan although I haven't had the time in recent years to really appreciate all the comics.

My friends got me the ultimate Far Side Collection a few Christmas's ago. The two huge books that compile every single panel Gary Larson has ever created! Those two books are HEAVY!

Anyway, excellent post. The Far Side is quality stuff.

Jill B. said...

Gabe...I am so jealous. I want that set!