Friday, March 7, 2008

Sketch Pad

I have never had a sketch pad. As I looked at the selection of sketch pads at Plaza Art store a month ago. I was a little intimidated by the selection...big or small, this brand or that brand, etc. I had no idea. I chose one. I did not know what to do with it. I'm not an artist. I like art, but have not drawn much since school days. However, over the past few weeks I have used the pad to sketch out layouts and to brainstorm my ideas for projects. I am beginning to think of my self as an "artist" in the sense that I design layouts, etc. I think that the sketch pad is helping my layouts as I now have a way to figure out what my treatment will be instead of sitting staring at the computer screen and waiting for the inspiration to come. I am saving time by sketching my ideas.

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I learned in the workshop graphic communication course that you always need to sketch at least 5 ideas. And you're right, it does help and save time. Although for me, sometimes it's hard to sketch, especially every week.

Gabe said...

sketch books are definitely a must have! I feel that even if you're not a "artist" in the sense of drawing, painting, etc. It's always great to have sketchbooks. Even for writing and doodling. I've had several (some of which I barely filled up as of yet) but there are times I still stop and take a quick peak at the sketchbooks at art stores. The more the better I say! :)

Mike said...

I am such a bad sketcher. I have tried in the past, but have found that if I do a rough design in Quark, and just keep moving the stuff around, sooner or later I'll stumble on a few ideas I like and choose the best from there. Sketches are too stuck in one place. Maybe if they were like the little plastic stickers you could move around and around I'd use them more.

Patti Restivo said...

Thanks so much for bringing this up, Jill. I am gonna do it! Actually, I am just starting to feel human today after being so sick the last couple of weeks and am looking forward to having some fun with our work instead of forcing myself through it. A sketch book it is! : )